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  • Téhéran


    Téhéran Design & Print: Mina Bakhshi, Behnam Bagheri Date — Mar 2019            

  • Folk Music Band

    Folk Music Band

    Folk Music Band Photo and Edit — Mina Bakhshi Date — Aug 2018  

  • Dose


    This is a school project designed by Béla Kaszanyi for a soda brand. She develops branding, packaging and stationary for this fictional product. The result is really great. Supervisor Photo Tamás Marcell Sara Szatmari

  • Legs for days

    Legs for days

    Legs for Days is a modern and youthful brand that understands women who want to feel free while they dress for themselves. Funny, sexy, spontaneous and clear. “She has Legs for Days”. Art Direction by Futura